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ВАЖНО: My Best Army
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My last armies were built for the Alabama (USA) State Championships, about two months ago.

There were some special rules for all 5 rounds: faction pure with House Allies only, no recruitment except to put gunslinger pilots on Mechs with a faction symbol.

My 750-point Army (first 3 rounds of play):
HD Vixen / Chris Chapman (3/2/1 pilot) / RISC Advanced Pulse Module
HD Bishop w/ HD Mantueffel Tank
4 SS Arrow IV Tanks
9 HD ATV Squads
4 HD Purifier Battle Armor
SS Mobile HQ
True Grit

This army went 3-0. No games were ever in question - I went as first player in 2 games, which let the infiltrating ATVs do a great deal of damage on turn 1. In the game where I was player 2, the other person charged into my deployment zone, salvaging the Vixen - but then, I was able to direct fire with the Arrow IV Tanks, and eventually wiped out everything he had.

4th Round was a 600-Point Semi-Final:
HD Vixen / Chris Chapman / RISC APM
HD Vixen / Kelly Bonilla / RISC APM
2 SS Arrow IV Tanks
8 HD ATV Squads
True Grit

I decided to drop the Mantueffel and Bishop from the earlier army, and use a second Vixen instead. I really wanted to have something with 12 attack in case I needed it. This game was very close - he was 1 shot away from eliminating a salvaged Vixen, which would have won the game for him. But I held on to win.

Final Round - 300 Points:
Glory Nyx / Gloria / RISC APM
Fortune Nyx / Fortuna / RISC APM

(I had not intended to play so much RISC APM, but the point totals just worked out that way!) In my last game, I failed a break-away roll even though I had Evade, and my opponent rolled a 16 on the next turn to capture that same Nyx. Lost the game, but if I could do it over again, I would play the same army and maybe try to be a little more patient.

Hope all of this is interesting to others!
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QUOTE (Ector @ 10.8.2009, 3:51) *
Hi everybody! This topic is for the new members. I'm very happy to see you here!
If you miss something, or want to ask something, please write here. If you've just registered, please say "Hello" or something like that smile.gif

Hi! I just registered, and came over here from the CBT forums.

I have a question for you, Ector: is this a good place to post old articles and/or musings on the MW:AoD game, for the benefit of Russian players? I'd like to find a way to reach any players who don't frequent the CBT forum with info and help on playing their games.
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