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Друзья, рад приветствовать вас в Библиотеке Железных Королевств. Если вы хотите на собственной шкуре испытать каково жить в этом суровом мире, то этот раздел для вас. Enjoy


Iron Kingdoms: Character Guide

Character Guide
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Книга Игрока по Железным королевствам. Новые классы, умения, навыки, инвентарь, заклинания + огромное количество описания вселенной.

Enter the Iron Kingdoms™

Embark upon a journey into the realm of "Full Metal Fantasy™," a land where battle-hardened characters gird themselves in scarred mail and metal and take up their saw-toothed blades and smoking forgelock pistols, where steamjacks™ belch ash and steam upon the battlefields and the cobbled streets of cities and strongholds, and where steam power is fused with arcane might.

This is the official IRON KINGDOMS Character Guide: Full Metal Fantasy, Volume One™.

The information in these very pages contains:

* New and exciting character classes and prestige classes
* Heaps of new skills, feats, spells, weapons, and gear
* Expansive details on magic and the intricacies of mechanika™
* Twelve major human ethnic groups of western Immoren
* Details on the various races: Elves, dwarves, goblins, ogrun, trollkin, and more!
* The essentials on cosmology and religion

To make full use of this book, you also need the D&D Player's Handbook and Dungeon Master's Guide.

Iron Kingdoms: Five Fingers: Port of Deceit

Five Fingers
Five Fingers Map
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Данная книга рассказывает о суровой жизни в городе Five Fingers - пираты, культисты, воры и много других негодяев и героев. Новые классы, престиж классы, доп. кампания.

The Port of Five Fingers Awaits

Enter the city of Five Fingers at your own risk. Though it is a place of vibrant trade and rampant opportunity, it is also a haven for pirates, thieves, and dark cultists. One day you could be socializing with the political elite, and the next day you could be running for your life from enforcers demanding tribute. Five Fingers is an active port city filled with mystery, intrigue and danger where an adventurer can make his fortune, build a criminal enterprise, or meet a dubious end.

Every chapter is narrated by a different personality living in the city, and each narrator provides a unique point of view and expertise. In addition to the six chapters covering city life, industry, crime, history and politics, there is a chapter specific to gamemasters that sheds light on the various plots and rumors through out the book in addition to providing guidance for running various campaigns in the city.

Experience within these pages:

* A full color fold-out map of the city
* Rules applicable to any city campaign such as rooftop chases, neighborhood ratings, and guidelines for running a gang (or fighting one)
* Three new prestige classes: the Agent, the Enforcer, and the Malefactor of Thamar
* All manner of shops, mercenary companies, gambling halls, gangs, coves, and cults to discover as well as nearly 200 NPCs to meet.

Five Fingers is a lively location that can serve as the hub of variety of campaigns including crime, intrigue, and horror themes, and this book is your key to the city. Enjoy your stay.

Iron Kingdoms: Liber Mechanika

Liber Mechanika
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Хочешь стать настоящим механиком - чинить и создавать Джеки твое призвание!? А ты выучил матчасть? Это книга для тебя!

Master the Forces of Steam and Steel

The Liber Mechanika is your handbook to the arcane art of mechanikal artifice and steam-foolery in the Iron Kingdoms. This game supplement adds further detail to the fusion of magic and mechanical science to produce inventions of spectacular and wondrous power. Within awaits a series of wonders reasdy to be revealed to the inquiring and inventice minds of players and game masters alike.

Find Within this Guide:

* A revisited and revised arcane mechanik base class
* Four prestige classes unique to the Iron Kingdoms, including the field mechanik and ironhead
* Details on the arcane science of Cyriss-tech
* Streamlined rules for mechanika creationp
* Rules and options for building steamjacks - the construct servants and warriors of the Iron Kingdoms

Iron Kingdoms: World Guide

World Guide
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Описание мира, стран, политики и международных отношений - эта книга еще больше погружает нас в мир Железных Королевств. По сути это Книга DM'a.

Welcome to western Immoren

Step into the realm of the Iron Kingdoms with the official Iron Kingdoms™ World Guide: Full Metal Fantasy, Volume Two. This guide further details life in western Immoren by exploring the Iron Kingdoms, meeting their inhabitants, and studying their history. Immerse yourself in our exhaustively detailed world of grit, sorcery, and steam where the tides of progress push the kingdoms into a bloddy war for faith and fealty. As a follow up to the Iron Kingdoms Character Guide: Full Metal Fantasy, Volume One, this book provides the onforgettable experience your characters crave.

With this guide you can:

* Read about the history, commerce, industry and politics of western Immoren
* Meet personalities living in the Iron Kingdoms with over six hundred NPCs
* View resource maps for each of the major kingdoms
* Learn about every city's places of interest, town histories, and leadership
* Investigate the countries of Cygnar™, Cryx™, Ios™, Khador™, Llael™, Ord™, the Protectorage of Menoth™, Rhul™, and more
* Enrich your gameplay with the included fold out poster map of western Immoren

Iron Kingdoms: Monsternomicon Vol. 2

Monsternomicon Vol2.
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Вторая часть заметок Professor'a Viktor'a Pendrak'a рассказывающая нам о ужаснейших существах и всех опасностях мира Железных Королевств.

"The invasion of the skorne and the blighting of the frozen north are events that have brought the terrors of the wilderness to our doorstep. If there is one lesson you will learn from this book, it is that you were never safe cowering behind lock and key. The shadows bumping in the night have grown long and bold. They openly stalk even the bravest of men in the kingdoms. An ignorant main is a dead man, and sometimes it takes more than just a bigger gun. Arm yourself with knowledge, and buy my book!"
—Professor Viktor Pendrake

Discover the most dangerous and deadly creatures known to the Iron Kingdoms™ in this tome of over 50 monsters for Iron Kingdoms role-playing.

Read Professor Viktor Pendrake's journey to eastern Immoren and explorations of the Skorne Empire. With far more than just monsters, this tome is a treasure trove for the Iron Kingdoms enthusiast. With this book you will:

* Discover clues to the destruction of ancient Lyoss, the doomed elven empire.
* Learn the legacy of the mysterious giants of Immoren.
* Explore unseen corners of Immoren and adventure where no man has stepped.
* Behold the entirety of Immoren with a brilliantly illustrated full-color poster map.
* Run an entire campaign in the Skorne Empire with three new character classes.
* Challenge characters of many levels with fearsome creatures exhaustively detailed by the Iron Kingdoms' foremost expert, Professor Viktor Pendrake.

Iron Kingdoms: Monsternomicon Vol. 1

Monsternomicon Vol1
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Первая часть заметок Professor'a Viktor'a Pendrak'a рассказывающая нам о ужаснейших существах и всех опасностях мира Железных Королевств.

"For generations men have feared the shadows of our realm, told tales of things that go bump in the dark, and cowered behind locked doors through the cold, lonely hours of night. I have stalked the wide expanses of Immoren now for several years hunting these shadows and sounds, and I have come to one conclusion: we're all going to need some bigger locks."
—Professor Viktor Pendrake

Follow the famous Cynaran scholar Professor Viktor Pendrake, as he takes you deep in to the darkest recesses of the Iron Kingdoms seeking terrors unimaginable. Pendrake has catalogued over 80 fascinating finds - creatures mundane and legendary, spectral and mechanical. The Monsternomicon is naturally a great tool for terrifying your players, and its abundance of details are sure to fire up any campaign.

Winner of four EN World RPG System Awards (including Best Cover Illustration, Best Interior Art, Best Graphic Design, and Best Monster Supplement), the popular Monsternomicon Volume 1: Denizens of the Iron Kingdoms has been updated for version 3.5.

Within these pages you can:

* Learn about the monstrous inhabitants of the Iron Kingdoms described in rich and incredible detail. Each creature receives no less than two fact-filled pages including adventure hooks, arcane creature lore, and more to give your adventures a running start.
* Draw inspriation from the gritty and terrifying illustrations by the award-winning Privateer Press art team that bring each creature to life.
* Explore a throughly updated appendix that includes prestige classes, new game rules, wilderness encounter tables, and information for using unusual races as characters.
* Challenge players of all levels with the wide variety of fearsome creatures. The Monsternomicon is the ultimate bestiary for any d20 campaign.

Iron Kingdoms: The Witchfire Trilogy Collected Edition

Witchfire Trilogy Collected Edition
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Кампания для персонажей от 1-7 уровня, повествующая о бедах, которые вызвала Алексия...

Alexia isn't evil She's just misunderstood

She was an child when she saw her mother executed for the crime of witchcraft.

She only wants to have her mother back. Is that so wrong?

However, sometimes if you want to get something done, you have to knock down a city with a horde of undead.

The Witchfire Trilogy provides the perfect entry point to the popular Iron Kingdoms campaign setting. This standalone campaign adventure for characters of levels 1-7 contains monsters, locals, magical creations, firearms, and intriguing characters to introduce the players to western Immoren.

The Witchfire Trilogy Collected Edition brings together the original award-winning trilogy of The Longest Night, Shadow of the Exile, and The Legion of Lost Souls, updates them to the 3.5 revision rules, and includes to bridge adventures to keep players adventuring in and around Corvis, the City of Ghosts.

Participate in the historical events surrounding a psychotic young sorceress obsessed with vengeance, a malevolent deposed king and his dark plan, an ancient legend, and the evil necromantic sword at the center of it all—the Witchfire.

These are the times when heroes are made.

Maps pack

Western Immoren
Western Immoren
Northwestern Immoren

Сопутствующие материалы

Character Sheet
Character Sheet

True 20 Conversion

True 20 Conversion
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Позволяет перебросить вашего персонажа во вселенную Железных Королевств.

D&D 3.5 - Player's Handbook
D&D 3.5 - Player's Handbook
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Без этой книги игра не заладиться - D&D основа основ wink.gif
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